Open HousesReal Estate Tips January 27, 2021

Benefits of Doing Virtual Open Houses

Back in 2020 when everything was shut down and real estate agents couldn’t host in person open houses, we had to start getting creative with how we get the houses we have for sale exposed to the public. So virtual open houses became the new way to that. Now that we are able to do open houses in person, with restrictions, there can still be some advantages to doing a virtual open house or showing too. But what is a virtual open house you ask? A virtual open house is normally a livestream walkthrough of a house that’s set at a certain time so you can see the place almost in person. There’s also virtual showings which are just a video tour of the house. This way you can get a better sense of the house other than just seeing it in photos.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to doing a virtual showing or open house. One of them being that you can get more and better exposure for your home. According to a recent Zillow Housing Trend Report, nearly 80% of homebuyers are doing their home searching online. So instead of just giving them nice photos to look at, provide them with a video tour to really stand out from other listings. Another way you’re getting more exposure is you can get potential buyers from out of town to look at your home more seriously too. Knowing that they can tour your home from their own home is not only convenient for them, but also for you. Virtual showings now mean that you don’t have to gather up the entire family everytime someone wants to see your home or everytime you want to do an open house. So that’s less stress for you because there’s less showings.You’re also less likely to get cancellations due to weather or anything else. A prerecorded video can be viewed from anywhere at any time. 


How to Prepare for a Virtual Showing or Open House

You would prepare for a virtual open house or showing the same way you would for an in person one. You want to make sure the house is nice and clean and organized. And you also want to make sure the lighting is nice and bright too. Lighting is everything when it comes to things like photos and videos, so it would be best to record your virtual showing the same day you have photos taken. That way not only will the lighting be right, but the pictures will most likely match the video more! Your real estate agent should have more information on how to prep your home for showings though.

So while it might seem like it would make sense to have in person open houses and showings now that we can again, you should still consider going virtual too. 


Written By Nicole Allen