Design TipsUncategorized February 9, 2021

8 Ways to Make a Small Space Feel Larger

If you have been following me on Instagram then you probably have noticed that I have been providing my followers with some design tips on how to make a small space feel larger. I decided to put all of those tips in a blog post so it’s easier for you to find when you need to reference them again! So let’s take a look at what experts are saying.

Accentuate the Vertical

Accentuate the Vertical

Drawing the eye upward makes a room feel taller and more open. Ways you can do that are by using a bookshelf that goes all the way up to the ceiling or painting stripes on your wall. Or you could use a hanging light fixture like a long chandelier.

Consider See Through Furniture

Use See Through Furniture

Using chairs with visible legs that let you see through them instead of sofas with skirts. You can also use glass coffee tables.

Lighten up surroundings

Lighten Up The Surroundings

This basically means that you should use a nice, bright white when painting walls. White walls reflect light which can make a room feel more spacious. To take it up a notch, use that same paint color on your ceiling and trim too. 

Go big with accents

Use Big Accent Pieces

Instead of using a bunch of small tiny pieces, which will eventually make a room feel overcrowded, use a couple of bigger pieces. Just don’t get something that is too large for your space either. Too big will also make a space feel too small. 

Get away from the wall

Get Away From the Wall

When you place furniture right up against the wall, it immediately draws your eyes to the wall. If you place your couch in the  middle of the room and place other furniture around it, it makes the room feel larger.

Use a simple color scheme

Use a Simple Color Scheme

When using a simple and cohesive color scheme, it makes everything pop together. Instead of just focusing on one piece that sticks out, you will notice how the whole room flows together nicely. 

Don’t use curtains

Skip the Curtains

You might think curtains can be a good way to help accentuate the vertical, but they also block natural light. Natural light can brighten up a room which makes it feel larger. 

Bring the outside in!

Bring Nature Indoors

Using plants and other natural textures (think wooden pieces or soft knit pieces) you can help tie the indoors and outdoors together. 

Happy designing everyone!


Written by Nikki Allen